How to Use Raw Shea Butter on Natural Hair

Shea Butter is typically promoted as a skin care product because of the essential fatty acids and vitamins A, E and F that lend to help heal ailments like stretch marks and dry skin. But can you use Shea Butter on your hair? For centuries, traditional African societies have used various parts of the Shea tree to produce products for head to toe (including teeth) benefits. In terms of hair care, Shea can be used independently as well as in combination with other natural oils for a healthy, natural hair regimen from start to finish, including styling.  When considering whether or not to use raw, unrefined Shea Butter on the hair, one should consider the condition of the hair and what point in the care process to use Shea. While safe to use for a variety of hair textures and conditions, it is important to not over use or misuse Shea Butter in the hair for optimal results.

1.Moist and wet – on the skin Shea Butter provides moisture by providing fatty acids and vitamins that nourish and restore dry skin yet in natural hair these same oils act as a sealant. So, while using Shea Butter on the hair, it’s best to apply a small amount on wet hair so it helps to lock in the moisture right after a wash. It is important to note that since Shea Butter is an oil, it should not be applied to natural hair in between washes because it can create a build-up and weigh down hair follicles. If you have a silky texture hair, it’s best to use shea butter on the tips of your hair as a pre-conditioner prior right before you shampoo.



2.Mix it up – Shea Butter plays nice with lighter oils. For example, for dry scalp, mixing Shea Butter with Jojoba Oil creates a power-packed combo that when combined, they form a whipped texture that is sebum food for the scalp. Also, Shea Butter mixed with Tea Tree Oil can be mildly heated together to create a soothing hot oil treatment that helps restore damaged follicles.




3.Rub it in – Because Shea Butter is a thick oil, applying to dampened hair is easier absorbed when rubbed in the palms of the hands until it makes a clear oil texture and then applied to the hair from root to tip. This method of application helps to reduce the appearance of frizz as well as coats the hair with SPF protection as well as protection against salt and chlorine while visiting the beach or swimming pool. Safe to use on a variety of natural hair textures and styles, Shea Butter is a root-to-tip companion in any hair care arsenal. It is safe to use on children and can also be used on hair edges for braids and locks as well as applied to chemically treated hair to help protect against damage. Only pure natural unrefined Shea Butter offer benefits to the hair so be choosey when it comes to the products you use.  Shea Yeleen offers a variety of flavors from our 100% pure Shea Butter collection.  Using only essential and natural oils to create yummy scents that are great for the skin and natural hair, our Shea Butter formulas are a great addition to your hair care and we’d love to hear from you on the many ways you use our products in your hair regimen.


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Thanks sheayeleen for the great information! please share some tips for Grey Hair cure


I started using 100% Natural African Shea Butter for two weeks now it is a wonderful product to use. I have been loosing weight very fast so my skin, unfortunately, being to sag. I used it on my face and it does live my face feeling soft and looking younger smooth out fine lines and sagging of my skin. I also use it on the stretched make and I see great improvement on my belly, arms, and thighs. However, because of its rich thick textur. My pores are becoming clogged. My face began to brakeout with little pimple. Now I… Read more »

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