Does Shea Body Butter Get Rid of Stretch Marks?

does body butter help stretch marksShea body butter is an effective way of treating stretch marks, but successful treatment is largely dependent on a few factors.  Also known as striae, stretch marks appear on the body when the middle layer of skin known as the dermis is stressed more than it can tolerate – losing the shape and elasticity it is designed to maintain.  As a result, visible marks on areas of skin appear including red stripes (striaerubrae), bands on the belly from pregnancy (striaegravidarum) or distinct lines on the shoulder or lower back (striaedistensae). Very common in male and female bodies, stretch marks are generally caused by rapid weight gains from pregnancy, puberty or physically tasking activities like bodybuilding and obesity. While getting rid of stretch marks can be challenging, treatment is usually done for cosmetic purposes and does not indicate more medical intervention. Yet, having this type of skin damage can be demoralizing and treatment can cost hundreds and even thousands of dollars, depending on the extent of the marks. Aside from laser surgery, topical moisturizers such as shea butter are preferred treatment methods but not all shea body butter is equal in potency for healing stretch marks.

In the case of laser surgery, this procedure is not only expensive but can result in bruises, blisters and skin discoloration that can last several weeks and months post treatment. As noted, moisturizers like shea butter can be a more affordable and less invasive method of helping treat skin blemishes like stretch marks but can only be an effective treatment protocol with consideration of two factors: 1) consistency of use in the affected skin area and, most importantly, 2) the quality of shea butter should be pure, unrefined to ensure that the product has high levels of essential fatty acids and vitamins A, E and F.  Authentic shea body butter should have a slightly ivory or beige color to it and variation in color indicates the quality and type of the shea nuts and the processing methods used to produce the butter.  A centuries old healing cream used in West and Central sub-Saharan Africa, shea butter is currently an extremely lucrative product in the world market that garners between $90 million and $200 million a year, according to the New York Times. But with such high demands, there are many ethical issues that arise and it can be difficult to ensure consistent quality of shea butter that hits the market.

In terms of the treatment of stretch marks, the market is saturated with many products that while they might have some shea content tend to be careless in preserving the essential healing properties in unrefined shea butter as well as add other problematic ingredients that contain artificial perfumes, sulfate and parabens that have proven damaging to skin and hair.  And because there are low industry standards and regulations to ensure the quality of products, there is low incentive for companies to increase the quality of their shea butter products.  Alternatively, cocoa butter is also promoted in the treatment of stretch marks, yet contains a far less healing capacity than shea. Shea body butter has a healing fraction 5-17% more than the average seed oils like olive oil and coconut oil. Additionally, shea butter has a high level of antioxidants that repair skin damage and allantoin that protects the skin from drying and aging.  Pure unrefined shea butter is the preferred moisturizer for sensitive skin due to natural SPF protection and a lower comedogenic scale than cocoa butter, meaning it doesn’t clog skin pores.

Shea Yeleen guarantees pure and unrefined shea butter in all of our products, with a traditional manufacturing method used to preserve the nourishing properties of the shea seed.  Our products are high quality because of the emphasis on seed sorting which allows only the best quality shea seeds to be used to sure high levels of essential fatty acids (linoleic, oleic and stearic) and vitamins A, E and F. Our products blend the premium quality shea butter with organic essential oils to promote healthy skin hydration, protecting and softening to smooth the skin’s texture and complexion effective for optimal stretch mark treatment. Additionally, our products are as result of sustainable business relationships with the shea butter women producers in Ghana, West Africa, who receive consistent training to meet, match and surpass industry standards. As a socially responsible enterprise, Shea Yeleen operates on the belief that business has an equal responsibility to make a profit while benefitting and making positive change in the communities in which we do business. Our core values are quality, empowerment and transparency, so in using our products you can be confident that in helping heal your skin needs you are also positively contributing to the global economy.

Here’s an effective treatment protocol to help treat stretch marks using Shea Yeleen balm:

  • Take a hand full of Shea Yeleen balm and rub in palms until the thick oil melts and becomes smooth;
  • Apply the shea body butter generously to the affected area where the stretch marks are most prominent;
  • Massage the butter into the skin with circular and firm upward motion that will help improve circulation in and around the stretch marks;
  • Apply more Shea Yeleen balm as needed and massage for at least 15 minutes daily or until the stretch marks are less prominent and/or disappear.

Shea Yeleen Balms are recommended to help treat stretch marks because these products are 100% pure, unrefined shea products that come in four scents using natural and essential oils: Unscented, LavenderHoneyusckle, Vanilla Almond and Bergamot Chamomile.  For an optimal skin regimen for blemishes, we also recommend using our gentle, moisturizing Shea Yeleen Soaps, especially the black soap formula.  Consistent application of these products will not only help reduce the appearance of stretch marks but there will be a-long lasting skin softness.  We look forward to hearing your feedback and success stories, so please feel free to comment below or send a detailed testimony to coruh@

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