Corporate Gifting Program

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Corporate Gifting Program

Appreciate your employees and clients with a gift you can feel good about. Shea Yeleen produces premium shea butter skincare products made with pure unrefined shea butter that leaves your skin healthy, soft and supple. Our ethical production is the heart and pride of our business.

Current Offers

$500 – $999: 10% off retail
(Coupon Code: volume10)

$1000 – $1499: 15% off retail
(Coupon Code: volume15)

$1500 – $1999: 20% off retail
(Coupon Code: volume20)

$2000+: 25% off retail
(Coupon Code: volume25)


Program excludes retailers, distributors, and any type of wholesaler and/or affiliates.

Contact Teneasha Pierson for more information or if you need assistance placing your Corporate Gifting Program order.